Here are a few frequently asked questions.

When is the Indiegogo Campaign live?

We have our crowdfunding campaign live right now! If you want to back the project head over to the page here and sign up for email updates to pledge your support.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Simply leave us a message in the "Contact us" page and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

What if it's not sunny?

Mico functions as a normal battery mod for Moto Z smartphones, with an internal battery of 2200mAh providing over 75% more power for a Moto Z/Droid! The thought behind the solar panel is the level of freedom it provides the user. While in everyday life it will keep the battery topped up that little bit longer (helping it to outperform some of the competition depending on lighting conditions), it is when you take the Mico into an outdoors situation such as hiking in the hills or a long day out in the summer it truly begins to shine! (No pun intended.) Even in office situations the Mico is able to charge – just leave it by the window.

Snap-Panels, while also adding another 1000mAh battery and being easily moved around can double the charging speed of your Mico! Snap-Panels provide extra freedom; the core purpose of the modular approach Moto Mods give their users!

What value do Snap-Panels bring?

The main USP for Snap-Panels is that they provide a USB Type-C solar battery bank that can be used not only in conjunction with the Mico but to charge any USB Type-C device, especially as this is quickly becoming the standard. A USB Type-C extension cable will also be included in the box.

Will it get too hot?

We are currently experimenting with insulating and cooling materials whilst carrying out our testing - so far with positive results. Although it should be noted that if it is too hot to sit in the scorching sun for hours then obviously you don't want to put any gadgets outside for long periods of time. Simply sitting Mico and/or Snap-Panels by the window in a cool building would be enough to charge it. And remember Mico is a Moto Mod so can be detached from your phone at any time, if you are worried about your phone overheating while you charge up Mico simply detach it from your device.